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Но однажды Свет забрезжил в конце туннеля, и вскоре кипящая моча стукнула в его небольшую голову с сокрушительной силой курьерского поезда. Если же выражаться буквально, произошло сие в ежесубботней бане – единственном месте, где у воинов гарнизона случал
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Real Name:Dmitriy
Last Logged:892 days ago
Birthday:1982-10-13 (36)
About:Veni Vidi Vici

Where do you live?
Long Live Brooklyn
When did you come to America?
Have you ever tortured a Teddy Bear?
nah... zachem?
What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
Kamikadzy, Latreack, Modera, Vodka, Konyak, Vino, Likery,
a, da,
How old were you when you lost your virginity?
Who do you want to be when you grow up?
Heu Hefner
How did you find out about Nodream?
Zlobnyj Trol', Jiejiuk, KSP, Xobbit, Морт
Why did you choose nodream over any other russia-american-get-to-gether sites?
a ja vezde :)
Do you consider a blow job to be sex or just fooling around?
Define fooling around???
In legial terms Clinton had prooven, that oral sex is not to be considered sex...
Do you think there should be less sex-related questions here?
Less???? MORE , MORE, MORE!!! There should be Less Questions and More Sex...
Which cartoon character would you want to have sex with?
Cat girls, you know how they draw them in Anime, with those cute ears and a tail... preferebly from Outlaw Star
Dogs or Cats?
How would you prefer to die?
Medical Mistake... and my Wife to get alot of money for that :)
(естественно, во время операции по пересадке печени)
Do you like whipped cream?
depends on the serving dish :)
Do you have any tatoos or piercings in weird places?
Is Arm a weird place?
Have you ever had sex or made out in weird places? If so describe in detail.
yes. no details... let's just say, when you go on to Empire state... think of me :) (and Time Squer too)
How did you come up with your nikname?
i don't remember... been Mysh for past 9 years!
Tell us something about yourself that we do not know.
I'm not Gay!
List your favorite books
Master i Margarita,Sobachje serdce,Xobbit, vlastelin kolec, kol'co t'my, chelvek amfibija, tak govoril zaratustra, kritia praktichnogo razuma, Kapital, Respublika, Printc, Malen'kij Printc itd itp
List your favorite movies
6th Sence, Matrix, ACCA!!!!, ACCA!!!! ACCA!!!
1st place gos to : "Eternity and a Day"
If you could live anywhere... where would it be?
Describe a fantasy that you have.
oj, kak to dazhe stydno...
znachit , mnogo mnogo salata Olivje, i myaska, i podlivochki...
(v obshem , put' k serdcu muzhchiny :)...)
What was your most embarrassing moment?
slishkom mnogo, ne mogu vybrat'.
If you could go out on a date with anyone, who would it be?
she knows...
If you could be invisible for an hour, what you would you do?
ukral by 128 millionov dollarov u Busha...
Do you believe in the supernatural?
How long do you generally date someone before having sex?
1 den'. My vse vzroslye ljudi, chego nam zhdat' to???
Pravda, sluchalos', chto i po pol goda :) vsyako byvaet ...
Lights on or off?
How many hours a day to you spend in front of your computer? And what activities do you use it for?
8-10 work, No dream, damochka, russian boston.
When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?
my self
How would you best describe your attitude?
sun of a bitch... but so charming ;)
What could use the most improvement in your life?
close... i need some sleep to...
What is your nick name on Whimit (if you're on whimit).