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Месть и Кошки
А ваще тут давно по радио такую вещь рассказывали. У одного мужика жена начала ходить налево. И он ее выследил. Естественно, у него зародилась мечта о мести. И что же он сделал?..
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Real Name:Zhenya Sakirski
Last Logged:4108 days ago
Birthday:1979-09-15 (39)
About:I am, in all respects, a tourist in this life that, by some bureaucratic mistake, keeps getting his visa extended, free housing, and ends up owning more and more things, all of which inhibit his (my) ability to move on to the next destination.

Where do you live?
EVERYWHERE!! (Но большинство шмуток в NYC)
When did you come to America?
1990 (до путча)
Have you ever tortured a Teddy Bear?
У меня были только деревянные игрушки.
What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
This is the most difficult quesiton on this survey. But I don't play favorites when it comes to this stuff.
How old were you when you lost your virginity?
14, но крови не было, по этому не факт
Who do you want to be when you grow up?
I don't want to grow up.
How did you find out about Nodream?
Хорошие люди рассказали
Why did you choose nodream over any other russia-american-get-to-gether sites?
А чё нет?
Do you consider a blow job to be sex or just fooling around?
It's a job like any other. There is no fooling around when it comes to this stuff.
Do you think there should be less sex-related questions here?
Куда уж меньше?!
Which cartoon character would you want to have sex with?
Elmira (from tiny toons). Хочу ей отомстить за всех измученых животных сразу.
Dogs or Cats?
Козу! Но остальные дни в году всё же кошки (хотя собак обожаю).
How would you prefer to die?
Without reservations.
Do you like whipped cream?
Так да, а кушать нет.
Do you have any tatoos or piercings in weird places?
Have you ever had sex or made out in weird places? If so describe in detail.
After a while none of these places feel weird anymore. SO I guess the answer is NO.
How did you come up with your nikname?
It was actually a very difficult mathematical formula applied to my last name, and the result is my nick.
Tell us something about yourself that we do not know.
The first word I ever said was "часы". The real question is how does knowing this help YOU go on in life?
List your favorite books
Hamlet, Wuthering Heights, As I lay Dying, Москва-Петушки, Tender is the night, Лабиринт Отражений, Cabbages & Kings
List your favorite movies
"Sting", "The Godfather" (I&II), "Ninochka", "Fight Club", "U Turn", "Magnolia", "12 Monkeys", "Lock, Stock, and 2 smoking barrels", "Snach", "Место встречи изменить нельзя", "Гений"
If you could live anywhere... where would it be?
In a place where magic works.
Describe a fantasy that you have.
I am actually afraid of consequences, so I will pass on that.
What was your most embarrassing moment?
I have none. I am a bit too arrogant and confident for those.
If you could go out on a date with anyone, who would it be?
I'll take the woman of my dreams please (whoever she is). Но если окажется что такого человека нет...I will have to settle for Elisha Cuthbert
If you could be invisible for an hour, what you would you do?
Я бы сорвал кому нибудь концерт
Do you believe in the supernatural?
Beleive in it? I am it!![meniacal psychopathic laughter follows]
How long do you generally date someone before having sex?
At least 2.5 hours.
Lights on or off?
On or Off doesn't matter, it's what happens during that counts.
How many hours a day to you spend in front of your computer? And what activities do you use it for?
8-15 hours, excluding weekends. I don't actually use it (I think it's using me scretly and without my knowledge).
When you look at yourself in the mirror, what do you see?
Ни когда не поверите если даже скажу
How would you best describe your attitude?
Who sais I have an attitude?!
What could use the most improvement in your life?
My travel schedule.
What is your nick name on Whimit (if you're on whimit).
If I ever was to be on whimit, my nick would be the result of a very difficult mathematical formula applied to the letters of my last name (similar to what it is here).